Summer 2024 @ FEED

Summer 2024 @ FEED

OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series

This summer, Ethan Hayden is joining FEED as Event Curator-in-Residence. Together we are merging our OPEN FEED series with Ethan’s record label, Infrasonic Press, to produce public events in June and July called OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series.

OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series: LIVE FEED will consist of concerts that welcome experimental musicians from across the world, billed alongside Erie-based performers and visual artists for exciting intermedia events that will feature a wide variety of innovative work from off the beaten path.  The concerts will be accompanied by a series of workshops, mostly led by the visiting artists, which will allow audiences to get more in depth with practices like hardware customization and free improvisation.

For OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series: Artist Talks, Ethan has curated a series of talks by regional filmmakers, each with their own unique approach to the artform.  The series will include Wednesday evening presentations by Luis Carlos Garcia, Britty Lea, director/screenwriter John C Lyons, and hip hop director K Sanz.

Ethan is a musician and author based in America's Rust Belt. He is the author of Sigur Rós's ( ), published as part of Bloomsbury's 33⅓ series, and runs the independent record label, Infrasonic Press.

OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series: LIVE FEED

June 22 @ 7PM - Dafna Naphtali, Hans Tammen, Nibal Abd El Karim, and Lonesav, alongside live media art by See-through Lab, Betty Sweaters, and Benton C Bainbridge. The concert will be livestreamed by director Collin Bonner via LIVE FEED on Bandcamp.

July 13 @ 8PM - Jeff Stadelman + Lindsey Joy, Ethan Hayden + Loss Pequeño Glazier, Mustafa Albalkhi + lonsav

July 18 @ 7PM - Martin Freeman, Lihuen Sirvent, Kelly Armor and Allen Brown + Mooneyes

July 27 @ 8PM - Wooden Cities + JETSET, Doc Proto + KellyKillz, Yeshuwa Myers

OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series: Workshops

June 22 @ 2PM - Dafna Naphtali and Hans Tammen, interactive listening

June 19 @ 10AM - Martin Freeman, Lihuen Sirven, solar-powered sound circuits

July 21 @ 1PM - KellyKillz, creating video art with smartphones

July 27 @ 1PM - Wooden Cities, musical improvisation games

July 31 @ 7PM - BigSphinx + Cilla Vee, creating intermedia performance

OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series: Filmmaker Talks

June 26 @ 7PM - Luis Carlos Garcia, cultural preservation

July 10 @ 7PM - Britty Lee, presentation and expectation

July 17 @ 7PM - John C Lyons, at the intersection of art and activism

July 24 @ 7PM - Sanz, it's not that hard 


Check out STIM City Collective's weekly pop-up Clubs at FEED.

June 23 @ 10PM - CLUB AYESHA

June 28 @ 8PM - CLUB KID

July 5 @ 8PM - CLUB 'MERICA



Gift Shop (June - September): Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard comes to FEED to create from bygone treasures. A time capsule of sorts, the basement below FEED provided Sarah with a never ending supply of raw materials. A teaching artist who's curriculum is based around kids using power tools, upcycled materials, and honing their problem-solving skills, Sarah encourages kids to stretch their imaginations as well as exposing them to new experiences. Sarah attended Ray College of Design in Chicago IL, obtaining a degree in Interior Design. While there, she was introduced to a teaching artist who empowered her to create with salvaged materials. While attending college she worked as a Visual Merchandiser for the largest JCPenney's in the country. Metal, acrylic, fabric, brackets and glass fixturing all find obsolescence quickly in the trend driven fashion world but Sarah could reimagine the "trash" as tables, chairs, lamps and home accessories. So began her artistic journey to upcycling. The opportunity to create with such an eclectic collection of materials was an opportunity not to  be missed. Sarah will be creating workshops, classes and new design, while in-Residence at FEED, through August.

Sandbox (May-June): Cashewdude 

Space (June): Jeff Crouse 

Studio (July): Stephanie Rothenberg + Suzanne Thorpe

The OPEN FEED X Infrasonic Series has been made possible by mediaThe foundation, inc. mediaThe supports not-for-Profit organizations focusing on new media performance arts, the development of new media content, humanitarian causes, and the environment, particularly alternative energy sources and nature preservation.