Eclipsing Stars, Ether.exe, Mirror Me, PA Dutch Barn Quilt

Eclipsing Stars, Ether.exe, Mirror Me, PA Dutch Barn Quilt

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Eclipsing Stars - An immersive project by artist, Alex (lonesav) Staley, and astrophysicist and folklorist, Dr. Moiya McTier, curated by Liz Slagus.

Eclipsing Stars is a universe in and of itself. It is an imagined world that faithfully describes the science of our solar system, through an Afrofuturist lens and mythologies told through the voices of larger-than-life goddesses. As you walk through the seven chambers ahead, you will meet seven different personifications of space, who will tell you their perspectives on other celestial bodies and events such as eclipses. Listen to these stories, open yourself to their mythologized conflicts, transformations, and lessons, and you will experience wonder about the universe and your connection to it. Listen closely, and you will learn about different star types, the universe, and maybe yourself. 

Ether.exe by Betty SweatersA synthetic recreation of the ethereal and liminal feelings during an eclipse through multiple generations of media technology.

Mirror Me by Kelly Killz - This installation of self-love and empowerment  perfectly exemplifies a transformation from doubt to dazzling confidence, with a focus on the divine feminine of a fashion icon with opulent vibez and baddie energy.

Erie, PennsylvaniaPA Dutch Barn Quilt (2024) by Liquid Light Factory - Barn quilts originated in Central Europe and were brought to the United States by Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. What started as a practical means of quilting blankets for warmth evolved into an art form that adorns barns throughout the New England and Midwestern States. Barn quilts aided navigation, allowing travelers to distinguish between farm households from their unique patterns. Liquid Light Factory 's video sculpture is modeled after the Mariner’s Compass - one of the earliest and most popular quilt patterns used by the Pennsylvania Dutch. As Pennsylvania natives, the LLF trio grew up seeing these colorful, geometric patterns and wanted to pay homage. As we navigate towards a complicated, mediated future, we seek direction from our past. Times were simpler; people would sit around a fire, swapping stories, and sewing secrets. Thread by thread, quilters wove the fabric of a cultural legacy that transcends time and continues to resonate in our digital days.


Eclipsing Stars was made possible by the Simons Foundation and is part of its 'In the Path of Totality' initiative.